Saturday, November 23, 2013

Where have I been?

Hiya! Lovely yo see you all. Excuse my absence, I've been working on my biggest project yet. Check it out. :D

Friday, March 8, 2013

couple of outfits and a baby toy

It is still hot, hot, hot here in Melbourne. Here's one of my
fav dresses from ASOS, it 's so comfy it's like wearing pjs.

After lamenting the lack of nice maternity stuff out there,
my gorgeous friend Claire MADE ME THIS DRESS. 
Just whipped it up without measurements or anything. 
Isn't she A) Awesome B) Awesomely talented?  

This little guy arrived this week. He's a pressie for our little man.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

growing tummy, new kitten, baby bag and vintage hangers

I'm halfway now and still finding heels comfy. My dress is a
highly boring maternity dress bought secdondhand from ebay,
which I've tarted up with some Happy Socks. Because I like
to wear my tights (and undies) high, my hosiery still all
fits over my belly - whoo!

Late last year I lost two old my old blokes (cats)
and I was totally devestated. We were fostering
three litters at the time and I was allowed to choose
one to keep. Meet my Salami Pete. :D

Here's my baby bag. Isn't it divine? I wasn't sure what
colour it was supposed to be, a colour to reflect me,
or the baby? So I went this plae blue floral number which
I am crazy about. I got it from Pink Lining.

Lastly, check out my latest vintage score. Approx 100
vintage hangers, all handmade covered with ribbons, beads etc.
I was tipped off my by our ex-Mayor, who knows my penchant for
vintage, about a garbage bag of hangers marked "Free to good home".

Thursday, February 21, 2013

same dress, different way

I'm very slowly buildng a maternity wardrobe.
We have another embryo on ice, so hopefully
after this tacker arrives, we can add to the brood,
so I'll need a few dresses to get me through two
This is one of the first pieces I purchased, from etsy.
I was searching for vintage maternity wear, although
I think this may have been '80s or even '90s. It was nice
and cheap and is fast becoming one of my go to dresses.
In my last post you would hav seen it with some pink
grossgrain ribbon tied under the bust. Today I added
a cream velvet ribbon with a vintage corsage pinned on.
Something crazy I've noticed is that all of a sudden I
want to wear huge shoes, which is the opposite to what I
expected to want to wear. I think perhaps because I feel
chunky and and fine shoes feel ridiculous, and also
I need to feel longer, and not womble-esque.
I am halfway through my pregnancy and although I
amd now sporting HUGE maternity knickers, all my
lovely tights still fit fine. Win!

Monday, February 18, 2013

happy news

Hi there lovely ladies. Hope this finds you all well, stylish and happy.
There's a certain few of you I have missed terribly, so if anyone feels  
 inclined, please add me on Facebook: Louarna Hewlett.

I'm wonderfully refreshed from my blogging break and I return with news.
My partner and I are expecting a little boy in July. We are beyond excited.

Lately, I been having drama in the sartorial department:

A) Australia, your maternity offerings are a disgrace. I left a huge
shopping complex in tears recently as all I could find were jeans (which
I hardly even wear) with huge stretchy waists, and t-shirts with scrunchy
sides to accommodate a growing bump. I'm no jeans and tshirt lady.

B) How on earth does one dress a pregnant (former) hourglass?
I have chunky little legs (that have just got chunkier) and can't/won't
show them off... so it is all about the ribcage. My best feature,
is now my ribcage. Lordy!


Friday, November 2, 2012

i'm taking a break

Just thought I would let you ladies know, rather than disappearing,
that I am taking a blogging break. After almost two years of daily postings,
I'm totally exhausted and take some time out to concentrate on other
creative endeavours, some baby-making and a kitten fostering.
If anyone needs me, you know where to find me.

PS I did not buy ANYTHING new during October as
the Buy Nothing New challenge I was participating in
required. *pats self on back*

For now xxx