Friday, July 29, 2011

purple pussy bow

I got this shirt last night at Target for $13.10. :)
Fletcher Jones wool skirt from the Salvos.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

pussy bows and plaid

Thrifted wool skirt - Salvos
Camper boots - ebay
Old cardy - Cotton On
Pussy bow top - ASOS via ebay

massive style crush

Ooh la la, la la, la la! Ulyana Sergeenko is a fashion designer, photographer,
 Prada enthusiast and my lastest style crush. The way she puts herself together is flawless.

on the want list

All from ASOS.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

amelie hair

Now I know why they chose the plaid skirts, shirts and jumpers for
our school uniform - they are comfy, warm and they look great.
I am supoer in love with the berry colour of my scarf.

Fltcher Jones skirt - thrifted
White tights - ASOS
Prada shoes - thrifted
Country Road jumper - sample
Shirt - Esprit
Scarf - Sportsgirl

Below are closer shots of my Amelie Poulain "do".

highly anticipated shoes

I just had to share this sneak preview of the lovely Hannah
and Elvia of TLO's upcoming project, a subject close to
my heart - shoes. Admire and swoon.
Model - Bobo :)

fitting tribute

I thought it was so lovely that Kelly wore her
hair in a beehive to Amy Winehouse's funeral.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

meet pony

This is Pony on the right. She was one of my foster kitties.
Pony is on the right. My beautiful friend, Belinda, adopted her
and Pony now lives with Belinda, Damien and Tosca the cat.
Look how spectacular she is, below. Happy. 

but would i wear them?

I've had my eye on these shoes (or shoes like these) for about a year. I blame Prada.
I want them, but would I wear them? I could do with the height.

Monday, July 25, 2011

meet frankie

Frankie came to me when she was a few weeks old. 
She had one brother and one sister. I grew her big and beautiful
and she went to live with the gorgeous Eva, a feline sister, Judith, 
and a canine brother, Burt. Hasn't she grown into a pretty
young lady? It makes me so happy to see them fully grown. 

meet banjo

I rescued and nursed this little one when he was only a few weeks old. 
He had no mum, but one brother and two sisters. When he was big and 
strong enough was adopted by my lovely friends Amanda and Jo.
 Take a look at him now (below) Talk about proud aunty!

heavenly fascinators

Please God give me somewhere to wear one of these.

fred iphone cases

I need a new iphone case, tosing up between the above three from Modcloth.