Tuesday, January 31, 2012

glitter in the daylight

Here are my new shoes from Topshop. Aren't they ACE?
I have them in another colour too. Is that bad? I figure they
may never come along again. I chucked out a pair of silver
glitter '60s pumps I thrifted in '89, in '91, and have regretted
it many times since. The dress is by Leona Edmiston.

Also, I cut my fringe, myself, without a comb. Thanks.

Lastly, I have a secret ambition to get my
eyeliner as big as Amy Winehouse. Baby steps.

Monday, January 30, 2012

giveaway - cherry headpiece

I have one BNWT cherry headpiece by Sportsgirl to give away.
Not the one in the pic, that's mine, not that I have hair cooties, or
anything! All you need to do is be a follower and comment on this
post. Happy to post anywhere in the world, and of course open to
the Aussie girls as well. I shall draw the winner Monday 6th Feb.

pink dress, red shoes

Dress from Pinup Coture via Modcloth
 Shoes from Wittner (end of season sale)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

review of betty mag

I recently mentioned a cute new mag I had just discovered, Betty.
I ordered, and she has arrived. I know some of you were interested
in how I found it, so here it goes. For anyone who knows Frankie,
Betty is a definitely a member of the same family - say her
 younger, Brit cousin - she's choc-full of lovely photographs 
and cute illustrations. For six pounds, I found the 65-page, second issue
well worth the money. There are lipstick reviews, an interview with
the fabulous blogger Susie Bubble, scrummy recipes, and some rather
fabulous fashion-spreads. May Miss Betty continue to thrive.

thrifted 1950s dresser

Can you believe I did not have a full length mirror in my house?
I was lamenting this fact to my beloved and whilst our thrifting,
this weekend we came across this 1950s dresser for an
absolute steal. And it has a full length mirror! It has glittery
finish through the laminate exactly like my Nanna's kitchen table
had when I was a little girl. It may not be the most spectcular
piece of furniture, but it is perfect for me. I am thrilled. As you
may be able to see, I haven't set it up, just chucked a couple of
things on it so it doesn't look too desolate.

weekend pug pics

Here are Thelma Louise Sausage and Piglet Grace
 refusing to get out of bed in the morning. They are so very lazy!

For the Aussies and Brits- two words - Mrs Mangle!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

new favourite etsy store

By now, you must all have noticed I have an obsession
with vintage hats and headpieces. WEL LOOK AT THESE!
I am in heaven. These are freaking asmazing.

thrifted vintage dresser set

Today I found the most darling little four-piece dresser set
by Delina. Research suggests it is circa 1930 - 1940, but I
can't be certain of this. Let me know if you have a more
certain idea. I love it when I find something vintage and
cheap. The last pic is of the box which is just as cute as the
set itself. I also thrifted a vintage dressing table which I will
post about tomorrow. What a fabulous day. Happy girl.

a little bit of australia

I urge you to take a listen. This is a bunch of Aussie kids that are AMAZING.
I challenge you NOT to happily dance around and sing this song for the
 rest of the day... it is impossible. So proud to be an Aussie!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

another wall of the dressing room

I am obsessed with what the other half and I call old, manky
flower pictures. Here are a couple of new ones that are now
hanging in the dressing room.

etsy - how does one choose?

I often think about the Seven Deadly Sins and wonder what order I
would put them into, relating to myself. Greed  is up there, possibly
at the top. I LOSE MY MIND when I log on to etsy and I want everything
on there. When I do these posts, I don't include the links, because I don't want
anyone else to buy these things. Obviosuly, I cannot afford it all, and choosing
one or two (okay, three or four) items each payday (not weekly) drives me
into a greed-riddled frenzy. Gimme, gimme, gimme it all.

hasbeens campaign s/s 2012

Cute as anything campaign!