Tuesday, August 30, 2011

large leopard

I was looking for a leopard print cardy with full length sleeves. I love the
Wheels and Dollbaby one, but at $200 it was a tad over budget, so I traweld ebay
and found this baby. It's from H&M and was $40. Love. Pencil skirt from Target
Heels are Melissas. Not a bad hair day (for my hair).

biscuits as cakes

The iced vovo, the tim tam, the mint slice ... AS CAKES!
From Sydney blog raspberricupcakes.

Monday, August 29, 2011

cute opshop buy

This is the cutest little jacket I grabbed for $10 the other day.
I teamed it with a pencil skirt and a lobe sleeved top for warmth.
It's a lovely soft brocade material in a lemon colour. Too cute.

Friday, August 26, 2011

t-strap heels

Okay, so I have wanted some of these for a while and look what I found!
These babies are from Golden Ponies and they are on $57AUD a pair.
C'mon! I am getting two pair, probably in the sensible colours above, although
they come in many, many pretty shades. I'm negotiating a higher heel with the
cobbler currently. Did I mention they are hand-made and leather.

miss l fire a/w 2001

My still my quivering wallet, it is inevitable. 
 I am LOVING the Goddess (the one with the shell).
Available from September 1st.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

i've had my eye on her for ages...

... and I just snapped her up on etsy for $30 (that includes postage from the US).
My school of thought was that I don't need another black 50s cocktail dress,
but really, for that price, what's another occupied hanger in my cupboard?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

rodarte for opening ceremony

Personally loving the knits. I love, love, love that all the o/s a/w garb is
hyped in accordance to our seasons. I get so much inspiration for my daily
outfits from the most current offerings from the design houses.

loving the razor costumes

It's kind of how most of us would do the 20s. Not particularly authentic,
but super-inspirational. I'm not really into the gangster storyline,
but I'll be glued to the whole series for sartorial reasons. What I've taken away
 from the first episode is that I am needing me some t-bar shoesies. And a pomeranian.

next season leona sneak peak

Look at that clothes rack! They are all SO my colour palette.
I'm a winter, so black, true reds and blues are my thang.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

janie bryant for banana republic

Me wanty. I can't believe most of it has gone alrerady (that's a lie, I can).
One of the very few cons of living in Aus is it is so hard to get your
hands on the designer for high street stuff. I have to rely on o/s mates or ebay. :(
But I will be taking plenty from the campaign styling.

the girls last night

Piglet Grace and Thelma Louisa Sausage.
Just because they need to be admired.  Thelma is one
soon and I'm thinking of chucking her a dog party.