Monday, October 31, 2011

hostessing gig

This is my good self at last years work Christmas party. I was one  of Santa's
 two helpers. My dress was made in record time by the awesome Jenni.

This year my friend Tam and I will be hosting the event. We have about
800 or 900 staff, so it's a decent size shindig and I have to look fab. I have
about six weeks to organise my "costume" and I'm VERY EXCITED.

After scouring etsy, Trashy Diva, Leona Edmiston,
  ebay, Stop Staring, Tara Starlet and Bettie Page, I have a shortlist.


Tara Starlet.

Bettie Page.

Stop Staring.

And these will all be finished off with little vintage hats of some kind.
Oh, and new shoes will need to be purchased. Naturally. Thoughts?

spring carnival spirit

Vintage 50s watercolour dress - etsy
Vintage demi chapeau - etsy
Cardy - Cotton On
Thrifted Prada pumps - Vinnies

payday purchases

Etsy red lace 1950s frock.

Etsy blue 1960s dress.

Vintage 50s black velvet dress.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

re-shellaced in black

LOVED my first two weeks of being shellaced.
Perfect, chip-free, shiny nails. My only beef isthe small
colour-range. I believe that is called a first-world problem!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

backyard bbq wear

Me and Little Grey One.

Me and Gingey.

Me and Tam (birthday boy).

Tee from Modcloth, thrifted Fletcher Jones skirt.

Pumpkin legs and school shoes.

Friday, October 28, 2011

frocks - '20s to '60s

Nicole Jenkins has a personal collection of vintage
 clothing over 7000 pieces. Can you imagine? These
are a two examples she brought along to an event she spoke
at on Thursday night to illustrate fashion of the 1920s. The first
is a garment that is meant to be worn under a heavily gown.
The second is a darling little day dress.

These two dresses are from the 1930s. It' a hard call, but I think they are
my favs. The first, a beaded dress, was formerly a part of Nicole's
wardrobe. Jealous. The second is currently  for sale in her store.

The above two are from the '40s. Check out the blue one - heaven!
Nicole's lovely assistant for the evening was my friend,  Katherine.

Ooohhh... the 1950s. Maybe these are my favs.

And finally, the sixties.

todays '50s floral frock

Frock from etsy *swoons*

the history of vintage clothing

Last night I attended a most fascinating event held at the St Kilda Library on the
history of vintage clothes. Speaking, was the delightful Nicole Jenkins, owner
of Circa Vintage Clothing and author of award-winning book Love Vintage.

Nicole is a bit of legend around the vintage traps, but I had no idea just how
knowledgeable and dedicated one has to be to run a business like hers.
It's not a matter of buying a nice, old frock, giving it a hand-wash and chucking
 it on the rack.  Hours (and hours and hours) of cleaning, repairing,
re-stitching beads, unpicking and resewing, often go into each garment.