Thursday, February 17, 2011

vintage floral headband

Headband from Etsy, dress by Leona, cat is Barney Banana.

I'm so in love with this headband it's killing me. I have an obsession with
old vintage floral headbands and I really need to start wearing pieces from
 my collection more often. I'm taking classes this year to learn
how to make them - so freaking excited.

I am also thrilled at how often I wear these blue shoes. Who would have guessed?

Another realisation, all my dresses are either from etsy, the opshop or Leonas.
I guess over the years you find out what really works and thrash it.


  1. love the red dress and the idea to combine with blue!!


  2. What a lovely outfit! Blue and red is such a wonderful combination, I like it! :)