Monday, January 24, 2011

love leopard, and love a questionnaire

I read “Street Seen” in The Age every Sunday. I love knowing where people shop, and how they make garments their own. Because I also love a questionnaire, I thought I would give it a go and fill one out myself. Feel free to join me - copy, paste and add your answers in the comments section. J

I AM in customer service.
I AM WEARING a wrap dress by Leona Edmiston, Ambra tights and Melissa floc shoes.
MY STYLE IS a mixture of pin up girl, Alannah Hill sales assistant and old Hollywood movie star.
I ADMIRE THE STYLE OF Hannah Metz, Sammi Sadler and Sydney Balasteros.
MY FAVOURITE LABELS I prefer lovely vintage things without any labels at all.
MY FAVOURITE PLACES TO SHOP ARE opshops, etsy, ebay, What Katie Did, Vivienne of Holloway and Trashy Diva.
MY BIGGEST FASHION MISTAKE WAS I went through a stage of wearing vintage slips as dresses (sometimes over jeans) as a teenager.
WHEN I WAS A KID I was mad for velour and terry towelling tracksuits.


  1. Oh what a fun idea well..
    I AM: A Graphics designer
    I AM WEARING: Really dull :Jeans, vest top, 2 jumpers (its coooold!) and my beloved red converse. Bring on the spring for the dresses!
    MY STYLE IS: All over the place!!
    MY FAVORITE LABELS: My Homemade clothes!
    MY BIGGEST FASHION MISTAKE: I spent most of the late 90's in very baggy t-shirts, which made me look huge!Oh and double denim!
    WHEN I WAS A KID: My Mum used to dress me in homemade 50s style dresses, which I hated then, and love now!
    I WOULD NEVER BE CAUGHT DEAD IN: MC Hammer Hareem pants!

  2. I AM in a registered nurse by day, and a mother, wife, housekeeper, bookeeper, chef, and (sometimes) swing dancing 'till dawn party girl by night.
    I AM WEARING at the moment, my blue Prana yoga/gym pants and top. Must be semi stylish even while sweating.
    MY STYLE IS a eclectic, a little bit 40's and 50's vintage glam and feminine girl next door.
    I ADMIRE THE STYLE OF Lou of course, Christina Hendricks, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield and my fabulous Zia Paulina who taught me that a girl can never have too many clothes. She died without a dime to her name, but left a fantastic wardrobe. Unfortuntely she was 6 feet tall and 110 pounds, so none of it fit me :-(
    MY FAVOURITE LABELS I love my Etsy clothing the most but also LOVE my Trashy Diva dresses. Most days in person I am just wearing jeans and flip flops (I am from California after all).
    MY FAVOURITE PLACES TO SHOP ARE etsy!! (designing my own dresses with many fab. dress makers and designers available: NudeeDudee, Jack's Daughter, Jitterbuggin in particular), Anthropologie, Mod Cloth, Trashy Diva my favorite boutique in New Orleans and Ambiance on Upper Haight in San Francisco. Don't even get me started with the clothes for my six year-old.
    MY BIGGEST FASHION MISTAKE WAS I used to wear a lot of tight, pink Guess clothing and acid washed denim in high school. My hair was also bleached blonde to the breaking point, rock and roll hideous.
    WHEN I WAS A KID I refused to wear underpants unless they had ruffles on the bum and would only wear dresses until I was 7.
    I WOULD NEVER BE CAUGHT DEAD IN anything Kim Kardashian would wear. I think she looks trashy.