Sunday, January 23, 2011

weekend achievements: wall art, opshop finds and cool packaging

I finally got to hang this. It's the only thing I have that belonged to my
great-grandmother on the Italian side of the family and I love it to bits.

On Friday morning, I acidentally smashed my soapdish. On my lunchbreak on Friday,
I found this darling little Wedgewood soapdish for $4 at the Salvos (opshop). Happy.

Another Saturday, another Salvation Army store.
I scored these heavenly glasses just like nanna used to have for $2 each.

My friend, Carlos, alerted me these soft drinks wrapped in the most amazing packaging.
You can get them from a deli in Chaddy (for you Victorians).

I often get asked about my art collection by guests of Chateau Porkchop.
The above are posters from Frankie Magazine in $6 frames from the Warehouse,
 and I gotta say, the results are stunning.

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  1. hello miss tallulah!

    thanks for following my blog! i read your little bio blurb and we most certainly have similar life aspirations! :)