Sunday, July 1, 2012

at your suggestion...

The lovely Donna, of Deer Donna, suggested that my new necklace would look great on red, so I gave it a whirl and how right she was. I also recieved another hot tip from the super-stylish Jitterbug Doll - pairing it with plum. I do have a gorgeous plum warmer-weather dress and I'lll be trying that combo out as soon as the weather allows me.

I adore getting style suggestions, so if you ever have any, please don't be shy. New and fresh ideas delight me.


  1. aww i love you so much! this looks amazzzzing!

    you are the best!

    ages ago, i saw someone in teal and apricot and it looked amazing.. i have always loved teal accessories with brights... like red for example. you are such a babe in this outfit!

  2. Hypnotised by your eyelashes in this photo.Rx

    1. Oh my, you should hear the story behind the eye-makeup. I had been a funeral, cried my eyes out, went home, tried to tidy up my makeup and then went out to a function I had to attend.

      So, it's liquid eyeliner and mascara from the morning, reapplied ontop of the original layer, in the evening. Glad I didn't look too crap. ;)

  3. Love it - the necklace is spectacular! Sarah xxx