Thursday, July 5, 2012

new watch thanks to murphy's law

A few weeks ago I lost my lovely silver watch. I looked and I waited. Two weeks later, when it hadn't turned up, I bought myself a new rose gold one. So, of course, as Murphy would have it, my silver one was found behind a curtain by my other half, before my rose gold one even turned up in the post. So now I have two!

I'm obsessed Q&Q watches. They are made by Citizen, are super-reasonable in price and wear really well. I discovered them a couple of years ago while searching for a new watch. I like smaller, vintage-looking watches and I think they have a great range. I buy mine from ebay and search under "Citizen ladies watch".


  1. They are great watches! They do really look vintage!

  2. love those watches, very delicate! I have a photo of my great-grandmother in about 1918 wearing the most enormous watch, so I guess not all vintage watches were small

  3. The EXACT same thing happened to me and a pair of docs. Almost exactly. But on the same day, i managed to end up with two new pairs of docs, when i only wanted one, haha.

    I should learn how to wear watches, because those two are gorgeous.