Saturday, August 20, 2011

show me some sun...

... and I think it is summer. We are so close to spring, I can smell it. Yippee.
This is a make-up-free me, in a $5 tee, with my shocking hair on the beach
this morning, taking the pugs on one of their daily scuttles. The pug in the first 
pic (the actual Tallulah Porkchop) is alive and well, it's just a very unflattering shot).


  1. I seriously like your hair!!!! I can smell spring as well I can't wait so sick of the cold.

  2. Is that denim I see??

    Finally the tattoos get to come out!

    Wasn't it great today? I got a bit of a sunburnt nose. I am so excited.

  3. Absolutely loving that first shot, lolling tongue and all!