Friday, August 26, 2011

t-strap heels

Okay, so I have wanted some of these for a while and look what I found!
These babies are from Golden Ponies and they are on $57AUD a pair.
C'mon! I am getting two pair, probably in the sensible colours above, although
they come in many, many pretty shades. I'm negotiating a higher heel with the
cobbler currently. Did I mention they are hand-made and leather.


  1. I've been eyeing off a pair of their oxfords for some time now. Perhaps it would be wise of us to combine our purchases in the one package....

  2. How divine!!T Straps RULE!! I think you might need more than 2 pairs,they look beautifully made,and o so practical!

  3. Whoa - thats a fantastic price. If they have red ones - you should get those too.

    Classic shoes -you'll wear these forever.