Saturday, March 17, 2012

i had a wonderful offer, today

Today, a man turned up at our door with a baby possum in his beanie.
He walks past our house regularly and had seen my other half's animal
ranger van parked out front, and our cats and dogs playing in our yard
and figured it was the right place to take a baby possum with no mummy.

We took her (a 14 week old girl, apparently) around to our local wildlife
carer's home and met two of her current residents, a pair of wallabies. :)
 I was chatting to the her and telling her that being a wildelife carer is
 one of  my dreams. She told me that to be a carer, you need a registered
mentor, and that she was in the position to be my mentor, if I liked,
 then gave me her card and told me to give her a call. I am so excited.


  1. What a sweet little thing and what an amazing opportunity! Good luck and let us know how you get on! :)

  2. Oh I am so thrilled for you - and for all the lucky animals who are blessed to be in your care!

  3. Aww wow, what a great opportunity for you!!! You're the best person for the job, too :)

    The Humane Society here in town needs volunteers to play with puppies so they don't get used to just one person and I want to do it sooooo badly, but the only hours they have are when I'm at work :~(

    Mabel Time

  4. Oh how sweet. A friend of ours has a baby possum too that goes EVERYWHERE with him! He's quite an intense little guy and will run up and sit on your head at any chance he gets. Unfortunately in New Zealand they are considered as a serious pest and people are encouraged to run them over, shoot them and do who knows what else to them. I certainly understand that they are causing a lot of trouble here... but I can't bare the thought of any living thing being killed on purpose (except mosquito's!).

  5. Oh my goodness, so exciting!! It's always been one of my dreams to be a wildlife carer as well. How exciting, I'd love to hear of your progress! x

  6. How serendipitous! I love it when things just fall into place like that :D
    And now I've learned that the Southern Hemisphere has possums and we have opossums. We actually have oodles of opossums around our house - they always make me think of 'Song of the South' and I half expect them to start singing...

  7. Excellent! What a perfect opportunity. Funny how things fall into place like that

  8. You should do it. I am a member of wires, it is good fun, most of the time.

    I get a few possums in too, which are awesome!

    Also I got my P's on my scooter, YEY!

  9. Awww how cute! Our possums in the US look MUCH different than yours. :)

  10. How exciting! That little possum looks so cute too. xx Fran

  11. Congrats, this is so exciting. Keep us updated!

  12. o m g that possum is so adorable!! When I was younger I wanted to work for wires taking care of baby native animals, but thought that because I had a cat I wasn't allowed to care from them.

    I want that baby possum! And I also want a sugar glider ^_^ did you know some are so small they fit in a matchbox hehe

    Talitha xx

  13. ps. Sooooo excited for you! Please do it so I can live vicariously through you and your pics :)

    T xx

  14. Aww that is so so cute! Wow that's a great opportunity and good luck with it, I'm sure you will be great! XxxX