Monday, March 12, 2012

miss pinup australia

The devestatingly beautiful, ridiculously talented and
truly inspirational ladies who competed for the title of
Miss Pinup Australia 11.03.12. Here are a few snaps
from the evening wear category, and a couple of the ladies
showcasing their amazing talents. Check back soon, I took over
500 photos and these are just a tatse of the glamour. You love?


  1. Swoon - all of those gorgeous dresses!!

  2. I do love! So much glamour! Show us more! x

  3. oh man, so beautiful. the lady in the red is playing out one of my fantasies! i've always wanted to wear a dress like that and sing in front of a crowd. possibly roll around on a piano.
    also, i just found this site. MISS TALLULAH PORKCHOP IS THE BEST NAME EVER.

  4. man, this looks awesome what an amazing event - very jealous right now


  5. Bugger,for some reason I can't see any pix on your blog this morning!I'll try again at home,am gagging to catch up!XXX

  6. I LOVE! The hair, the dresses, the poses - it's perfection. Especially love the third photo from the bottom, they all look fantastic. Please, please upload more. I wish we had events like this close to home.

  7. oh Thanks for sharing, I have made into finals of NZ's version of this , Miss Vintage so its great to see soo many ladys glammed up