Monday, March 12, 2012

miss pinup australia group shots


  1. I hope you're going to enter this next time - I can totally see you strutting your stuff on stage. Great pics, excellent inspiration!

  2. Yay,I can see the pix now!!!
    OMG what a great event!All those hot women and such gorgeous frocks!!!EEEK!
    O,lovely Sydney trip pix,funny to see you in my old stomping ground!!! You've been frocked up divinely,and I adore the pic of you and Heather at Miss Pin Up,Heather looks dashing and you both look SO squishy! Methinks a weekend away was a real treat for you both!

  3. How on earth can the judges choose? Those woman are all too gorgeous. x

  4. Wow! All the girls look so gorgeous, the judges are gonna have a really hard time choosing one!

    Lucy Loves To Blog