Saturday, May 5, 2012

a date with susie bubble

Vintage dress - etsy
Shoes - Wittner
Tights - Columbine
Vintage belt  - thrifted
Cardigan - Cotton On
Coat - Myer (purchased 1997)
Vintage bag - Gucci

I went to see the gorgeous Susie Lau, aka Susie Bubble, speak yesterday
in Melbourne. She was eveything I had hoped she would be and more:
open, warm, articulate, honest, humble, funny, generous, intelligent...
She shared some really interesting information and stories about the fashion
 industry, publications and press. She talked us through her amazing journey
from the beginning of Style Bubble to where she is today - blogging,
speaking, consulting and exploring directions and growing her brand.

PS I also learned that I pronounce LOADS of fashion words incorrectly. :D


  1. i. love. those. shoes. perfect with the white tights. sounds like you had a great time seeing miss susie bubble! that's great for you!

  2. Red, red and more red, and then some polka dots. Pretty much the most perfect outfit :) You look so sweet!

  3. Super cute outfit! The shoes, as usual, are perfection. What were you pronouncing incorrectly? I have to know now.

    My Vintage Reserve shoes arrived on Friday :)


  4. They're a tiny bit too tight. I got a 8N. I think 8R or 8.5N would be fine. Apart from the slight tightness around the toes they're fine. I'm putting them up tomorrow.

  5. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, Tallulah! I really love your style - I've had a look through some of your outfits and am very inspired by your unique vintage looks!

    Am following you too now - would be great to keep in touch!

    Catherine x

  6. oooh proper fashionista now! Not that you weren't a style queen before xxx

  7. you always manage to combine my favourite things; leopard, polka dots and red, you do it to please me right!? What a wonderful lady to see, so do tell what you were saying wrong as I bet I am aha xx

  8. I was wondering what the leopard was once I saw the non leopard pictures and then I realized it was a coat and I couldn't imagine why you were wearing a coat. And then I realized that it's winter in Australia. What a crazy world we live in! I don't know who Susie Bubble is!

    Mabel Time

  9. Isn't it amazing how leopard somehow goes with everything?
    That combo with the red polka dots and the white tights with the leopard looks especially fresh to my eyes.
    OK, so spill it!
    Which words?
    I'll bet I'm saying them wrong, too!

  10. Love everything about this outfit!

  11. those shoes! they are truly amazing. Your whole outfit is so gorgeous, i am truly a big fan of your style!

  12. Ha,you are too gorgeous!I can't imagine how many words,fashiony or otherwise,I say incorrectly!
    Love this outfit,red+spots+leopard+adorable shoes=WINNER!
    I've heard of this Susie Bubble,but actually have never looked at her blog!I did read an article she wrote for a mag once,though,and it was really good.Yay you had an awesome time!XXXXXXX

  13. FAB frock - GREAT colour on you - and LOVELY LOVELY pics. Sarah xxx