Thursday, May 24, 2012

diy sweater

Skirt - ASOS
Tights - Columbine
Shoes - Wittner
Sweater - DIY

I loved the Henry Holland sweater, below. but who can afford it?
So I bought a sweater from Big W for $20 and embellished the
sleeves with pearls. How do you think I went? You likey?


  1. It looks totally cute! (And just like the real thing.) Love that shot where you're holding the skirt out. :)

  2. Who'd have known it wasn't the real thing? So cute, and so many bonus points for being resourceful and saving money.
    Thanks for posting!

  3. You're so clever! What an awesome idea. oh and I really love your skirt too.

  4. fabulous DIY idea! such a lovely red accordion skirt and perfect for cute poses. gorgeous as always!

  5. Honey, your blog is amazing!
    I love your style, your clothes are fantastic!
    You are beautiful and fun!
    I loved everything!
    The shirt embroidered with pearls is very beautiful!
    I want to buy the pearls and put on a shawl that I have!
    I invite you to meet my blog!
    Kisses from Brazil!

  6. Beautifully made sweater and great ensemble!

  7. love your skirt! it's great!