Friday, May 25, 2012

giveaway - want legs like these?

Earlier this week I wore my heart print tights from Target.
I purchased two pair last year because I was so enamoured
with them, however the second pair remain in their packet... 
 so I decided to give them away. All you need to do to enter
is A) be a follwer and B) tell me one thing you love: it can be
anything from coffee to kittens. Best of luck. I will draw the
winner in one week via random number generator and publish
the winner's name in a post on Friday June 1st 2012. :)


  1. i love you and your tights! :P

  2. I luv kissing Miss 3's chubby sweet smelling little cheeks. :)

  3. Gee - there are so many things I love... um... what to say... I love puppies!!!

  4. Just one thing?, currently loving the new Chanel biography I'm reading.
    xx Rosina Lee

  5. I love the smell of sunshine on my skin.

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  7. I love the hugs and kisses
    from my son!
    Kisses for you, dear!

  8. I love Fall days, bundled tight, with my little girl!

  9. I love babies and patterned tights! :D

  10. I love those tights!
    A I'm a follower!
    B I love sunshine, rum and coke and pizza. Do I get three chances?!
    Have a fab weekend. xxx

  11. I'm a follower and I knew I wanted those tights from the moment I saw them in your first outfit post!

  12. what a sweet gift to your readers. You are such a doll :)

    I love hydrangeas and kind bloggers!

    and thank you so much for that kind comment you just left on my blog.... you're the sweetest. XO

    love, polly :D

  13. This is the cutest giveaway! I love tights at the moment and these are too cute to pass up.
    I'm now a new follower of your pretty blog (love the name and header btw, so quirky and cute). Hmm, at the moment I love the caramel chocolate latte sachets I bought from the supermarket yesterday. They are SO delicious and perfect for warming up to the approaching Winter season :)

    lots of love, Maria

  14. One thing? No three! My bed. Fazers blue a semi dark ´chocolade from Finland and naturally kittehs...

  15. I love critter and cats...and hot, hot sunny days.

  16. i love once upon a time at the moment ... and love hearts of course.

  17. I follow you in Google Reader and I totally love feral cats.

  18. OK I just know these tights need to be in my life yesterday.
    1. I'm a stalker
    2. I love flashing my smalls.
    3. (for luck) I love small furry animals.