Sunday, July 22, 2012

contemplating, purchased, lost, want

I found this vintage wool coat with fir trim in a thrift
store for $50 yesterday. I didn't buy it, I am still thinking
about it. I have lots of coats, but the colour is to-die-for.

During my four-week hibernation, I realsied I have
hardly any flats. So I grabbed these babies for $30
in total. The red were $10 and the black $20. I haven't
worn them yet, to be honest, I spent most of last week
bumming about in jeans, sneakers (trainers) and woollen
cardigans. Comfort dressing (as in comfort eating).

The above sunnies, my fav pair of Karen Walkers, were sadly
lost last Monday. *sobs* Somewhere between the bank and my
car, we were parted, when I retraced my steps, they were long gone.

... I am considering these honies. They have been around for years,
but I am still thinking about them. Is wine the right colour choice?

Other than that, I've turned off my phone, avoided Facebook,
stopped freaking out about not posting daily blog posts, walked
the pugs heaps, got a lot of beauty sleep, spoiled the cats with pats,
drank too much coffee, browsed real stores (as opposed to online),
wandered around thrift stores, read every fash mag, and generally
unwound. Now if only I could do something about the weather.


  1. Here's the plan for tomorrow ... walk purposefully to the green-coat-shop and BUY THE FUCKING THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. *grins* I don't require much encourangement.

  3. Ah yes, that coat is fabulous indeed, I just know you would look über glamourous wearing it! I too suggest that you run back to that store and buy it ;).

  4. I third that encouragement! I'm a new fan, but have been missing your wit and style. Enjoy your hols :)

  5. Buy it!!!!! You need a treat for loosing your sunnies! zxxx

  6. rofl I agree with Pull your socks up otherwise you will regret it!!


  7. Definitely buy that coat! The colour is fab. The wine sunnies are pretty classic... and its a bit more interesting than boring black.

  8. Darling,you are so UBER fabulous!
    Yes,I think the wine colour is divine!
    Love the coat,it's a tad expensive,but so sweet!
    Adoring the stole and leopard shoes.......
    Can't affect the weather,lovey,but you sparkle more than enough to make me forget about it!

  9. Guess whose going to Rubi shoes on the weekend. That coat has you name written all over it :)

  10. Yeah get it bought it is puuurfect for you xxx

  11. Oh please, that coat is awesome. YOu'll kick yourself if someone else snagged it!

    Buy those sunnies also, they will look amazing on you and the red will look great against your skin tone and nice dark hair.

    Boo to losing things!! I am paranoid about my sunnies, the only pair that are about $150 that I have ever owned, so don't want to lose, or scratch them!!

    Good Shopping!
    Talitha xx

  12. I let an amazing coat go at an op-shop recently, lilac wool 60s swing coat for $30. Yep, still dreaming of the one that got away.

  13. The coat is gorgeous, & I love the flats! I really want a pair of t-bar ones like yours. XO

  14. Hi gorgeous, You look amazingly relaxed and beautiful! Tshirts in winter? Big hugs to your gorgeous pugs - I have cats this week! And can't wait to see you in those fab flats. Sarah xxx

    1. Oh, God no tees in winter! Pics of me wearing my lost sunnies - when it was sunny.


  15. yes - wine is your colour. I'd be very temped by that coat too! You lucky girl, you needed a break, sounds like you had a great time! xxx

  16. Someone explain to me why I wasn't following you!! How did that happen?! I could have sworn...
    haha! Well, I am now! Thank goodness. :)

  17. Sorry to hear about your sunnies that is a bummer! I love the new ones you have picked out. I was realizing the same thing when looking through my shoes that I have hardly any cute flats so I have been buying some recently! I love that coat you didn't buy but $50 is a large purchase or at least in my opinion ;P

    Yeah I'm in the same shape as I was before I got pregnant except I've lost a lot of muscle since I haven't been working out and was sick at the beginning ;( I'm wanting to go back to the gym but have no motivation. My body type was a lot like yours though I had more of an hour glass figure 26 inch waist and big hips my husband loved my small waist but he loves my baby bump just as much and my bigger chest haha. I'm sure you will figure out what to do it's a bit frustrating at times but worth it in the end (:

    1. South Jordan is just 45 minutes North of where we are living in Utah (:

  18. oooooo I have a coat realllly similar to that green one! I looooove it! I didn't pay $50 though... I paid 8.
    haha always down for good deals!

    love, polly :)

  19. Oh good grief! That coat! Those shoes!! Swoon!!! Going now to wallow in my coat and shoe envy. :)

    Lynn a.k.a. Dylan