Monday, October 1, 2012

buy nothing new month october 2012

What is it? Here's is some information I have modified from their website.

Buy Nothing New Month is the global movement for collective, conscientious consumption. It's a little idea, that started in Melbourne and is spreading fast.

It's a one month challenge to buy nothing new (with the exception of essentials like food, hygiene and medicines)

Buy Nothing New Month isn't Buy Nothing New Never. Nor is it about going without.

It's literally about taking one month off to really think, "Do I really need it?" If I do, “can I get it second-hand, borrow it or rent it? What are my alternatives? Can I borrow from a friend? Can I swap with my neighbor?"

It's about thinking where our stuff comes from (finite resources) and where it goes when we're done (often landfill) and what are the fantastic alternatives out there to extend the life of our 'stuff'.

It's easy. It's fun. It's moving from consumption-driven to community-driven.

It's good for us, our wallets and our planet.

Hop on board! Anyone interested in joining me? I'll be doing regulart upadates letting you know how I am doing. You guys are keeping me honest!!



  1. I'm in practically every month as I (almost) only buy second hand :)

  2. i absolutely love this idea! i've started shoping at thrift stores a few months ago, and honestly have not loved my closet more than i do now. i can't buy stuff in real stores anymore because i know think those prices are rediculous and i can find it for a fourth of the price in some second hand shop. so i am all for this challenge!!

  3. I already buy tons of stuff second hand, but then there's ModCloth...

    Good luck!

    Did u get my email???

    Mona (Mabel)

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  4. I need to do this, since I bought too much stuff in September. But today I bought two halloween dvds online. Guilty October pleasure I guess. hehe. Well, there's always tomorrow, right?