Wednesday, October 10, 2012

meet peggy

She is my new foster daughter and she is EXPECTING KITTENS!
She is only a kitten herself, approximately eight months to a year old.
Her owners moved and left her behind, so we are looking after her
and her kittens until the babies are old enough to rehome. Luckily,
I've put the word out and everyone will have a loving home to go to.
She is due in two to three weeks and she is carrying approximately
four to six kittens. :D I am VERY EXCITED to put it mildly. I have
never had a mummy-pet before and I am doting on her like mad.


  1. Peggy is gorgeous - such a beautiful colour. I am looking forward to seeing the kittens :-)

  2. Oh, she's a beauty! How exciting!!! Can't wait to see the kittens :-)

  3. I'm just crazy about Peggy! Can't wait to see which little guy we'll get!

  4. I love grey cats..And I hope everything goes well!

  5. Awww yay for kittens having kittens!!!! I hope all goes well :)

    Mabel Mona
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  6. yay you rescued a homeless teen mum! She looks so gorgeous, can you keep her when the kittens have been rehomed? xxx