Friday, October 19, 2012

frankie 50th issue giveaway (for international followers)

It is Frankie's 50th issue -yay! To celebrate the auspicious occasion
I'm flying a copy o/s to one of my lovely international followers.
This is a very big and spectacularly beautiful edition (and features an
illustration by my lovely friend Laura - yippee). It also features
a baking special, so I am keen to find a new recipe or two.

To enter you need to A) Be a follower and B) leave me a comment
telling me what your favourite thing is to bake. I'll draw the winner
using random number generator in a week and announce the winner
Friday 26th October 2012. Best of luck. :)


  1. Me!Me! Me!
    I made Jon a vegan chocolate brownie bake this week called "I'm Just A Crazy Mixed-Up Cake" as a reward for putting up with me. I'm not a cake lover but I ended up eating loads of it! xxx

  2. I saw this cover online. That is adorable!!! I'm having a pumpking carving party tonight. I love saving the pulp and making pumpkin muffins. Mmmmm

  3. Gaaah, I love Frankie! The 2013 diary landed on my doorstep a couple days ago and I couldn't be happier!

    My favourite things to bake are very simple, but just cookies, 'cause I love cookies! xo.

  4. I've never seen an issue of this magazine. I think it's not available in Germany. But I would like so much to get that issue cause the embroidered (?) cover is so pretty.
    At the moment my favourite thing to bake is fruit bread. I made apple bread from raw apples lately. (You'll find the recipe here: )
    And I've already had the ingredients for an Irish Porter Cake at home and will bake it tomorrow. I'm so curious on how it will come out.
    I hope that luck is with me and I'll get the magazine. Hugs from Miss Maple

  5. That cover really is incredible! My favorite thing to bake is cakes, though I can never get them level, D:

  6. I bought frankie when I was on holiday in London this summer. it's on my my coffee table since then, because it's so nice to read through it again and again.

    I completely suck with backing I'm afraid. the last cake I made looked like it has already been digested but redirected to the plate due to stomach troubles. I'm not giving up tough. but so far the only thing that always turns out nicely is applestrudel. being from Austria this gives my baking success a slight "the sound of music" touch. ha :)

  7. I like bake a chocolate cake :) I like it very much.