Wednesday, February 27, 2013

growing tummy, new kitten, baby bag and vintage hangers

I'm halfway now and still finding heels comfy. My dress is a
highly boring maternity dress bought secdondhand from ebay,
which I've tarted up with some Happy Socks. Because I like
to wear my tights (and undies) high, my hosiery still all
fits over my belly - whoo!

Late last year I lost two old my old blokes (cats)
and I was totally devestated. We were fostering
three litters at the time and I was allowed to choose
one to keep. Meet my Salami Pete. :D

Here's my baby bag. Isn't it divine? I wasn't sure what
colour it was supposed to be, a colour to reflect me,
or the baby? So I went this plae blue floral number which
I am crazy about. I got it from Pink Lining.

Lastly, check out my latest vintage score. Approx 100
vintage hangers, all handmade covered with ribbons, beads etc.
I was tipped off my by our ex-Mayor, who knows my penchant for
vintage, about a garbage bag of hangers marked "Free to good home".


  1. Goodness, I've been away far too long! Congratulations and good work staying stylish during pregnancy. You are fabulous.

  2. Salami Pete is adorable! And that is one of the best cat names I've ever heard of, right behind Aloyius Von Whiskers.

  3. Salami Pete is beautiful! I´ve followed you for a long time now and never commented, but I really like your style and your blog (:


  4. Welcome back, I missed you :). Oh you will be so beautiful mom :)

  5. Salami Pete looks gorgeous and has an even better name :-)

  6. Super adorable! You always look so cute.


  7. Well helloooooooooo there Salami Pete, you are a right cutie! In fact, The Stylist spotted an identical ginger stray just like you in the ballet car park last night and wanted to take it home to play with Lily. Instead, we let Pips and Lily get to know each other a bit better in the lounge - sooooooooo funny together! You couldn't make any frock look boring love, what with your amazing collection of legwear and that gorgeous smile, you make me feel quite clucky again:)). I'm SO glad you got the hangers - I don't even want to think about what could have happened to them! xoxo

  8. You look lovely and so happy. I love the tights and the dress, the kitten and the hangers. I am glad you rescued the hangers they are amazing and Salami Pete is very handsome.

  9. Salami Pete is such a babe! And what a cracking name - how exactly did you choose that?
    You are looking smashing as per, and hey - you found decent maternity wear! You're going to have to write a book or something about how to style throughout pregnancy.
    Nice hanger find! Why don't people leave stuff like that around my area? All I find on my doorstep are used razors and half-eaten lumps of fried chicken *sigh*.

  10. Holy guacamole - 100 vintage hangers for free - SCOOORE!!! You are looking more beautiful than ever. And how is it that I have never seen your right arm art before??? Yay for lovely new Salami Pete. And yay for you, just being beautiful.

    Sarah xxx

  11. Oh so happy to re-discover you, apparently I've been following you for a long time, but since I never check GFC I didn't remember, buuut now you're on my Bloglovin' and I can't wait to really follow along now! You and Salami Pete are so gorgeous, and I love your arm!!


  12. I so love your hair style and your vintage glasses.Happy pregnancy!

  13. Wow, What a find with all those coat must have been super excited! Blimey!
    Will look forward to subscribing and having a nosy around your posts :)

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