Thursday, February 21, 2013

same dress, different way

I'm very slowly buildng a maternity wardrobe.
We have another embryo on ice, so hopefully
after this tacker arrives, we can add to the brood,
so I'll need a few dresses to get me through two
This is one of the first pieces I purchased, from etsy.
I was searching for vintage maternity wear, although
I think this may have been '80s or even '90s. It was nice
and cheap and is fast becoming one of my go to dresses.
In my last post you would hav seen it with some pink
grossgrain ribbon tied under the bust. Today I added
a cream velvet ribbon with a vintage corsage pinned on.
Something crazy I've noticed is that all of a sudden I
want to wear huge shoes, which is the opposite to what I
expected to want to wear. I think perhaps because I feel
chunky and and fine shoes feel ridiculous, and also
I need to feel longer, and not womble-esque.
I am halfway through my pregnancy and although I
amd now sporting HUGE maternity knickers, all my
lovely tights still fit fine. Win!


  1. You look simply lovely. Congratulations by the way, you must be super excited! xx Fran

  2. You look beautiful! Pregnancy totally agrees with you :-)

  3. Wow!!!! I haven't checked in on your blog since you went on hiatus and gosh, what wonderful news :D

    You mentioned in your last post, the maternity wear market is really lacking in Australia and it's awful! However, I've seen quite a few discussions on PinupGirlClothing's FB page about maternity wear with ladies saying which PUG dresses work well during pregnancy and post pregnancy for things like breastfeeding. They have some really nice ones, hopefully that might help :)

  4. You love huge knickers anyway I remember. Looking gorgeous there, love the addition of the ribbon, so pretty. I'm sure you'll find more clothes. I'll have an embryo on ice please! xxxx

  5. welcome back to blog land. i really missed you so bad here in blogland --- but congrats, i'm so happy to here that you're fine and the baby plans had worked out so perfectly. congrats, congrats!
    you look amazing in this cute littel dress!

  6. Oh what wonderful and happy news for you and your partner!!!!!
    A little person in you world, what excitement.
    You look so very pretty as always.
    Love V

  7. You're one of the cutest pregnant ladies ever, for real. (I know if I was pregnant I would just turn into an absolute butterball!)
    Love the shoes, they fit your outfit well. Stop it, stop being so cute! ;)

  8. I am just SO happy to have you gracing my internets again!!!
    You are just gorgeous, and I really want to squeeze you...(gently!)
    YAY for tights still fitting! You are the most stylish lady with a baby EVER! XXX

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