Tuesday, December 13, 2011

70s dress

I've had this dress for years and never worn it, so I chucked it
on this morning, as, you know, I have NOTHING TO WEAR.
Well, it turned out to be one big wardrobe malfunction. FOUR holes
made themselves apparent during the day, so I've been busy popping
off to the bathroom with my emergency sewing kit to stitch myself in.
It cost me next to nothing and it is quite cute, despite my aversion to
all things (apart from myself) that are from the seventies.


  1. It really does not look so very 70s to me. It actually suits you just fine. I recently thrifted a lovely comfy and soft textured 70s dress imagining I would wear it = I looked like an old woman wearing it which is very strange, but there you have it. I am now going to put it up for sale with the other vintage clothes in the Etsy shop.

  2. That's pretty cute! Usually I try to stay away from the seventies' fashions - with the exception of some Gunne Saxs "Victorian revival" stuff, or a pair of flare jeans and a peasant top or something. I did recently buy, at an antiques shop, an awesome pair of Frye-style leather boots from the 70s which I wear all.the.time.

  3. I am literally in awe of your style. And your glasses. 100% amazing :)