Wednesday, December 7, 2011

gingham day dress, take two

I didn't like this dress the first wear. I got it really wrong.
Second wear with a few changes: subtle accessories, finer belt,
and I love it. Again, I feel really hot in it, but the photos don't seem
to reflect the "wiggle" I am feeling. Perhaps it is a movement thing.


  1. Gawd,I'm all over the place this week and have missed some of your fabulous posts!
    This frock looks gorgeous!I don't really think of gingham as wiggle,as such,but looking at it makes me wiggle with envy!
    Love those postcards,last post!SO pretty!
    The previous outfit post ROCKS,and I too am jealous of your friends sewing skills;the cherry frock is to die for!

  2. This dress is super cute, great you gave it a second chance!

  3. super fab - well done on finding the inner fab with this one - if its not right on day one try again :) le xox