Tuesday, December 27, 2011

christmas when i was a little girl

I reckon I am about four and five, respectively, in these pics.
Lovely memories. I believe this was the "Money Tree" -
when us kids woke up in the morning, this tree would have
$1, $2 and $5 notes pegged all over it. Showing my age! ;)


  1. Adorable! So jealous that you have Christmas in the Summer there. Christmas here is often cold and dreary out!

  2. What a sweet little girl! You look exactly the same.

    I can't wait for your closet post! And you're one of my favorite blogs, too. You have everything I love; vintage stuff and animals :)

    None of my kitties would ever let me do their nails OR put them into outfits. The nerve of them. I bought a sweater for Bagel last year and it was too tight, she looked so funny. We couldn't even get it off because it was so tight, but we eventually did (I was scared her little neck was going to break because it was a turtleneck...). I need to feature my other two kitties on the blog soon :)

    Mabel Time

  3. Aw so cute! Love those yellow shorts.

    My new baubles this year were from J, aka the Christmas Fairy :) Looking forward to my calendar...!


  4. You are so cute. How did you go with all the storms in Melbourne on Christmas Day? Hope you are all safe and sound X

  5. So glad thay you received your prezzie. I hope the penguin poo didn't melt. I really didn't think that one through till after I posted it. X

  6. Hi from Norway;)
    Have a great Christmas...

    Bye :)