Saturday, December 10, 2011

tatt post

My left arm has a piece of art by Kristal Melson 
and it's called "In My Chamomile Dreams".

My right arm is a piece of art by Sarah McNeil
"Trying to be Happy a lot of the Time".

Both tatts are done by Jane Laver at Chapel Tattoo.

There's the butterfly on my tummy, I got that when I was 23.
Then I have a daisy on my hip  I got when I was 16 and a
butterfly on my lower back that I had done when I was 21.


  1. Thank you so much for doing this!! I've always been so curious about your tattoos and I LOVE them. I need to get some animal tattoos because I love animals so much. All of my current tattoos are of food lol.

    Mabel Time

  2. I never tire of seeing your tattoos. NEVER!

  3. how fab - I love your teacups - they are the most ! my belly button has le loves col written around it and the most cute thing happened when I was preggers - it grew in font size of course :) plus a knot design above right boobie - helped me remember which breast was next on the feed cycle for four years :) best le xox

  4. Those tatts are so cute! I keep thinking about getting a tattoo recently..actually I want a picture of The Scream, but ever single person i've said this to has said NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DON'T DO ITTTTTTTTTTTT.. I guess it must be a bad idea :P

  5. So cute & adorable..Just pure love!

  6. I started following you yesterday or the day before & the first I wanted to ask was about your tattoos. So you posted this right on time! Lovely tatts/

  7. gorgeous! and look at that tummy, so cute!!!

  8. Absolutely LOVE your teacup tattoo! And the little girl sleeping in the top one - so cute!
    I would love a big back piece/arm piece, but don't have the guts to get it. Plus, not really suited for my job haha.

    I do instead have a big rib piece that I can hide away. I feel like doing a post about my tattoos now too :)

    Talitha xx

  9. oh i absolutely adore this tattoo of all this cups, way to cute and fabulous to be true! really a piece of art indeed!

  10. I adore your tattoos, they are so individual and just right! Quite honestly, they are the nicest tattoos I have ever seen and actually make me quite ink-envious! So beautiful! xo

  11. Those teacups are fabulous!So original!
    And your animal arm is toooo cute!
    A sleeve in the making??
    Great idea for a post,I could tell you had some tatts,and am pleased to see detailed closeups!

  12. Oh I've always thought your tattoos looked beautiful, but now, seeing them all on display - wow. Loved seeing the inspiration behind them too. Gorgeous!

  13. Your tattoos are lovely and they really suit you :)
    I love the one on your left arm, would you post closer pics of it?

  14. Geez, thank you for all the lovely words.

  15. Geez, thank you for all the lovely words.