Wednesday, August 8, 2012

donut pug pillow, car pimping and more...

I bought this donut pillow for (the real) Tallulah Porkchop.

It didn't take long.

Isn't she cute?

I've been thrifting crochet rugs and quirky pillows to
pimp my car with. I realised my house is fetchingly nanna,
but my car is really generic. About to remedy that.

Picture of Ziggy because he is handsome.

Spinach and parmasen dog biccies I made today.

And finally, I made some rocky road for my other half
to take to work as a belated birthday treat.

Oh, and I also I impulse-purchased these two
items today from Modcloth. Ugh!


  1. Ahh that donut pillow is so so cute!

  2. You MUST wear the jumper and tights together! Please?

  3. Donut pillow is AWESOME! I have a crochet rug across my back seat rest, but I never thought of pillows too! Great idea :) You could also line it with faux fur and hang chandeliers like in Cheech & Chong.

  4. Tallulah Pork Chop looks so comfy! I want one too!!

  5. I have a kitten names Ziggy too!

    Your rocky road looks delicious and I adore the colours of the Sebring pillow so much. I love that you're making your car more nanna!

  6. I love an impulse buy! I also ADORE Tallulah on her cushion, she barely fits and that makes her all the more adorable. I really want to squeeze her! xxxx

  7. Tallulah and Ziggy are gorgeous! Love the doggie cushion and the car-pimping accessories! x

  8. LOVE that doughnut pillow! So cute!

  9. Such cute pets! I love the donut pillow and the fact you're cosy-ing up your car - please post pics when it's done. Also "OMG the tights and jumper!!!" - amazing!

    Nikki x

  10. holy shit! i wish i had a pug - then i could buy this absolutely amazing pillow!! big love.

    kissboombang, mika.
    head + heels

  11. More amazing tights!! Wow - they are fabulous! Love that donut cushion too. Your cute doggy fits so well! :)

  12. Darling,I'm so bummed you've been crook!But so pleased it hasn't interfered with your shopping mojo!
    Miss T's ass is fetchinly plump and adorable on that donut cushion!!! I was to squeeeeeeeze her so bad!
    Those tights you've ordered are amazing!As are you!
    Rocky road!My Mama loved that!

  13. I adore Rocky Road squares! That doughnut pillow is too cute. I'd love to get my cat one, but he's more interested in playing with drinking straws than anything I buy him.

  14. those tights were probably definitely a wise impulse buy, don't worry ;)

  15. Everything about this post is super-feckin' fantastic!!! From donut king to legs eleven and all the goodies in-between!! xo