Monday, August 6, 2012

the flu, thrifting and latest buys

Even though one had the flu, then gastro at the tail end, one still
found the energy (only just) to thrift this '50s compact...

two vintage cadies and a vintage dress...

a set of vintage cat ornaments and vintage salt and pepper shakers...

... and a 1960s handbag. :)

It was my dad's birthday and this is a closeup of his wrapped pressie.
I wrapped with world map wraping paper from Zetta Florence.

I am going to purchase these canvas Dr Martens tomorrow.

This is my new lunchbox I just ordered from Lark.


  1. I hope you are feeling better, I am in love with your lunch box it's so cute.

  2. Oh no yucky flu, I do think that a lil' bit of retail therapy will get you better quicker though! xx

  3. ARRRGHH! I have one of those lunch boxes but my parents have gone and lost it in the pandoras box that is my garage. They are brilliant! Yes yes yes, you've been ill you deserve DMs! Gorgeous cardis and compact too xxx

  4. I bow to your ability to thrift such gorgeous things when you're poorly!!! You definitely deserve those DMs! xxx

  5. He he I love that despite a flu you still bravely soldier on with your thrifting! You found some great scores.

    1. oh no poor you, i hope you get well soon again!!!
      can´t wait to see the cardies on you, thrifting always has a good effect on health no?`;)
      love and kiss,mary

  6. Oh pooh to the flu and the poo!!! Op-shopping should be added to the list of flu remedies. xoxo