Sunday, August 26, 2012

house plant styling

I've been busy changing up our home, recently. 
I mentioned that we needed more house plants.

I was surfing The Selby last night and clocked the below
 pic and was immediately inspired to create the above  plants, 
in their plastic pots on thrifted, floral bone china saucers.
Plants from Bunnings; saucers from Savers.

Above image from The Selby


  1. Love, love, love the saucers and the plants are real beauties:))). I've just bought my first house plants in five years after killing a shit load with too much love. Fingers crossed, I really need these ones to flourish because I have no garden anymore:((.

  2. Tres Nana chic! I have my burro cactus - and that is all - as I am only home for two or three days each month. Sarah xxx