Friday, August 10, 2012

pimp my ride (nanna-styles)

As I was lamenting, recently, that I realised I have a kitschy house,
I present myself to the best of my ability... but my car interior
was somewhat lacking. My car is a newish Suzuki Swift named Fairy
Bird and there's nothing too different or non-freakish I can think
of doing to her outer, but her inside was full of possibilities.

I thrifted some crochet blankets and cute pillows and went to work.
I've also ordered a crochet sterring wheel cover from etsy, so I'll
take a pic for you when it arrives. My only complaint is that I have kilos
of pug fur embedded in the seats that I fear will never come out. Ever.


  1. Oh gawwwwwd your car is gorgeous!!!!! My nana had a crazy-fast 1450cc Mini Cooper for years and she crocheted all the seat covers and some cushion covers for the back too. She drove like she was at the front of a Formula One pack so the covers may or may not have soaked up some little girl wee. Haaaaaa!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. hehehehe this is the greatest thing i've seen in a long time! <3

  3. that looks fantastic...what a brilliant idea and what a charming way to stand out of all the other boring cars

  4. I used to have my soft toys in the back of my car and I used to buckle them in seat belts like they were mini humans. Was all fun and games until my car got stolen. I got the car back eventually but the bastards took my Bert and Ernie soft toys. Poor Bert and Ernie I hope they are OK. May your Nanna rugs and cushions stay safe XXX

  5. Love the pimped up ride! Hope you are feeling better!


  6. when I eventually learnt to drive I'll be sharing a suzuki swift from 1999 which is beetle green! I think I'll have to Nana pimp mine like you've done with yours!

  7. What a great idea! Much cooler than the pile old beach towels and I don't know what that my husband keeps in the back seat of his car. Guess the trunk isn't good enough. As I don't drive, I have no say about the car.

  8. Loving the nana pimp job! Our wheels are both 1970s bangers and the interiors are naturally groovy already, but I never turn down the odd pair of leopard skin dice or nodding dogs! x

  9. It's so cute!!! What a good idea!! Having to drive a bland modern car is one of the greatest tragedies in my life (not really). I want to reupholster my seats with Mexican oilcloth, one of these days...

  10. omg I missed this post.
    HOW CUTE!! aww man I love it.
    My car is so ugly (inside and out - it's my first so its supposed to be though right? lol) It needs cuteness!