Thursday, October 25, 2012

lula giveaway for aussie ladies

A brand new copy of Lula for one of my Aussie followers is up
for grabs. I hang out for months for each copy. Be a follower
and tell me what you hang out for and I'll draw a winner using
random number generator next Thursday. Good luck.  


  1. I hang out for holidays. And as a teacher, they happen lots! Yay!!

  2. I hang out for anything that doesn't involve making beads! Ha! But, seriously, I hang out for spending time with my family & friends. Those are the memories that I cherish most of all.

  3. Ooh, me please! I hang out for Sunday nights, as they are the only night my bf doesn't have work. As he works at a 5-star restauarant he is a pretty great cook, so on Sundays he makes elaborate meals for me while I drink wine and watch. Ha!

  4. Oh. My. God. Best giveaway ever!!!!!!! Lula is rammed with all things beautiful and NO ads yay!! I hang out for the day a pair of stray tiny orphaned kittens wander into our garden and demand to be adopted. It will happened. It will. xoxoxo

  5. I hang out for then I will have a Job...

  6. Bonsoir cat mummy! Hope the kitties are all OK, give them a massive cwtch from me. Are you going to keep them all?

    You're lucky to have a winning collection of glittery tights to see you through workdays! I have cursed legs and rip every single pair of tights I own within an hour (two, tops) so have given up buying cute ones :( Nevertheless, I am going to study your workwear intently and attempt to come up with something with a bit more sparkle. Thanks, perennial style inspiration lady!

    Gawd damn, this is one of the many days I'm bemoaning the fact that I live in the UK instead of Oz. But on the plus side you look super-awesome here :)

  7. Cupcakes. Always hanging out for a cupcake!