Monday, October 22, 2012

thoughtful, unexpected gift

I recieved the most beautiful, thoughtful gift recently
from a gorgeous lady who I have never met. It is amazing
how someone can know me so well through me following
her blog, and her mine. I have a small collection of vintage
porcelaine cats and the sexy Sarah from Mistfts Vintage
posted me SEVEN new friends. This is where they live.  
I am looking after amummy cat and kittens right now,
so maybethis is the universe giving kitties back to me. :)
Thank you so much, Sarah. I adore them and will think
of you every morning when I grab my car keys. xxx


  1. So glad you like them - you have so many cats right now!!! Sarah xxx

  2. Ooh those are heavenly! I love where you put them too!

  3. What a kind gift from the fabulous Misfit! Don't they look gorgeous? x

  4. Sarah's a lovely gal. The kitties look perfect on the table with those gorgeous flowers and the chintzy table cloth xx

  5. How very cute they are! It was so nice from Sarah to send you these darlings. And you gave them such a nice place. Love the complete picture. Have a nice day! Hugs from Miss Maple

  6. O'lovely!!! Sarah is a darling,and very good at finding the right home for goodies!
    I adore how you're displaying them!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX