Sunday, June 5, 2011

at claire's place (part 1)

Claire whipped up this cute-as-a-button dress.

Current project - repotting seedlings.

Claire's b/f makes puppets. This one's my fav. :)

Love a sewing corner.

Vintage pattern and fabric Claire nabbed.


  1. I love vintage patterns. They r never in my size, but I like looking at the envelopes. The painting is kind of creepy. Is there a story with it?


  2. OMG those women in that last post!!!FOXY!!
    Love that frock that Claire made,so pretty!
    I have some nice vintage patterns,I just have to get around to making them up!
    I agree with Hot Pink Combat Boots,that painting/print is a little creepy,but compelling!!!xxx

  3. Aahahaha... I don't even think it is Claire's print. I love it, it is haunting. :)