Friday, June 10, 2011

the shoes that got away

I wanted to buy the above French Sole New York ballet flats, many years ago.
I never did, who knows why, but I wistfully think about them every now and then.
But I was browsing the website and had an a-ha! moment. See below.
Shoe clips. Heart-shaped shoe clips. Happy again.


  1. oh funny that! did you find them on my blog? hehe

  2. So Cute! I was eyeing off a similar black pair at Wittner last year and regret not buying them... I'd also been thinking about heart-shaped shoe clips. So funny!

    But sparkly red and silver?! SO much cuter than black patent.

    Have you seen the new heart shoes by Vivienne Westwood.
    Give them a google... great colour combinations :)