Friday, June 3, 2011

before the fashion parade

The hostess with the most-ess.
Backstage, pre-parade.

My outfit from two of my very fav etsy stores:

Hair piece Satanica

I'm wearing shoes by Melissa if you're wondering. :)


  1. look at you miss cutie pie!!! gorgeous!

    can you teach me how to get my hair like yours?!?! ARRRRGGGHH so lovely xox

  2. Yay, I can comment this morning - whoo! DD, I am so shit at hair. What you see is all smoke and mirrors. :)

  3. You look Gorgeous and Stunning! Wow!
    That dress was meant for you! I love finally getting to see ya in one of the dresses from my lil' shop:) I mean you are my favorite customer! Seriously thank you so much!

    I tried to post this last week and blogger kept kicking me off:(