Thursday, June 23, 2011

breathtaking photography

These images are all by US photographer Elle Moss. I'm a sucker for anyone
who can combine photography, fashion and whimsy. You can buy all of
these images and loads more at the above link. I'm agonising over which ones I want.


  1. These are great photos, she has an eye for the unique. I love the striped and patterned tight photos. They have been catching my eye lately, although I have yet to wear the crazy ones I bought a few weeks ago.

    What are you going to do with your purchased pic? Wall hang or something else?

  2. Gorgeous pics, I think I am going to store some of my jewelery in a teacup it looks so pretty.

  3. These images are so adorable. Thanks for sharing.

    Miss Bias

  4. Maybe buy the purse and pearls on and hang it near my dressing table. Perhaps hang one of the legs and shoes above my shoe rack? I love them all.