Thursday, November 3, 2011

'60s lace, pink shift

Another' 60s shift. This one is pink, white and lacey.
Again, I've had it for years but always thought I looked too
fat in it, but I am getting loads of compliments and it is
super-duper comfortable. Yippee.


  1. You are way to hard on yourself - you look stunning in this!

  2. Fat???? You're nuts. This dress looks fantastic on you!

    Mabel Time

  3. I always feel the same way when I wear '60s shifts (I'm so used to a nipped in waist/belts) but you have nothing to worry about, you look great! The lace detailing is also spectacular.

  4. These shift dresses are lovely I cant believe that you have kept them hidden away.

  5. I agree with Mabel! You are far from the word 'fat'!!! It makes me sad the way we view ourselves due to the media throwing out sticks at us posing as women. Women NATURALLY have curves: hips, boobs, bums! They're gorgeous & you know what, men love them! :)

    You are stunning & oh so small....and the dress looks gorgeous on you! :)

  6. Too fat?! Do you have funfair mirror glasses or something? That whole ensemble is amazing! The dress is beautiful :)