Saturday, November 19, 2011

what i am up to sunday

I'm going to watch the Victorian state fnals of Miss Pinup Australia.
I'm VERY EXCITED. I am thinking that if I'm not pregnant by the
end of 2012 (Plan A) then I'm going to enter the Miss Illustarted or
Miss Classic division (Plan B). What fun. There are several sections:
pinup photos, swimwear, day dress, eveningwear and talent. I can do that!
Stay tuned for pictures of my day out. :)


  1. I would love to watch the contest too, anticipating for your pictures! Have fun!

  2. I can TOTALLY see you doing this.

    Why couldn't you do it if you were pregnant? Pregnant women are hot. Unless you are feeling like crap.

  3. You should totally do it!! I know Ayr L'Oxcide from the Vogue forum so I hope she wins it this year :-D

    I'd love to enter too but I just cant do the vintage hair. I just chopped it all off again cos I can't bear to grow it longer.