Sunday, November 20, 2011

miss pinup australia victorian final

Here are some pics I took today at the Miss Pinup Australia Victorian finals.
Oh my! These ladies were all phenomenal. So hot, so gorgeous, so curvy, so stylish
and so funny! The props, the themes, the outfits, the poses... so much thought,
effort and research goes into this competition. I had no idea. I thought I would
be able to compete, no worries,but now I am having second thoughts. There was
so much talent and sass on that stage. There were somereally strong contenders
up there and it is quite funny, in all categories, I was drawn to the redheads.
I'm not sure why, but they absolute firecrackers! Can't wait to find out who wins.
More photos tomorrow. Hope you like what I captured, so far.


  1. they are all absolutely gorgeous. i wish i could do that... you would definitely be able to! you're gorgeous!!!!!

  2. Everybody looks fantastic! I love pin up contests!

  3. now this is the first time I have heard of Miss Pinup - how fabulous - all those girlie curves and fab attitude ... loving it :) le xox