Monday, November 7, 2011

i want this book

I'm desperate for this. All the good stuff comes out at Christmas time, and I'm always
poor due to spending all my money on Chrissy pressies for others. I'm putting this on my
"Santa List" which is currently stuck on my fridge (and getting bigger by the day).

This book is choc full of hints and tips on customising and wearing vintage.
Check out the reviews it got from Dita and Janie. *swoon*

Kelly Doust is a girl after my own heart, reinventing vintage finds to suit her personal style.  Her book is a vintage vixen’s guidebook for the chic: just read, shop, recreate, and repeat. Her finds are exquisite and her reinvention tricks are inspiring and achievable for even the newest vintage shopper among us. You can’t help but get inspired by her vintage acumen.
- Janie Bryant, Award-Winning Costume Designer, Mad Men

Kelly Doust introduces readers to her wonderful world of reviving and customizing vintage pieces, with tips on how to find, buy, clean, repair and salvage vintage clothing… Minxy Vintage is a great guide for anyone who wants to bring their crafting and sewing skills to create personal and individual pieces from budget vintage finds, while bringing a modern and unique twist to wearing vintage clothes.- Dita Von Teese, Burlesque Star & Vintage Icon


  1. That looks like a frigging brillant book! That Janie Bryant sounds like she's familiar with our Vix! I do hope you get it,I think I'll be schmoozing for it too....and I have a b'day afew weeks after Chrissy....!!!XXX

  2. That book looks absolutely incredible! Definitely adding it to my "want" list as well ^^

  3. wow!!!thats awesome!!! im adding it as well to my wish list ....hope you get it !:D

  4. You could probably get that at the library! Sorry, I have to advertise for libraries since I'm a librarian lol.

    Mabel Time