Monday, November 7, 2011

etsy needs

Every week or so I post my "etsy wants" etc list. I don't know if you notice,
but I do end up buying about half of it (unfortunately I can't afford ALL of it).
Someone once asked me to include links - I don't think so - it's all mine - mwahaha.


  1. Love your pick of dresses and love the evil laugh Mwahahaha :)

  2. Hi! I love the third red dress :))

  3. My etsy favourites grows without measure. And I always feel sad when I see something has sold.
    I'm glad that I think you and me are different sizes - or you'd have a competition on your hands ;-PPP

    Have you discovered the wonder and addiction that is seller feeds on Etsy? I get RSS direct to my Google Reader from my fave sellers. Good way to keep in touch with those highly covetable (sp) items :-)