Tuesday, June 26, 2012

frankie giveaway for international followers

Giving away a just-released issue of Frankie magazine to the
ladies o/s who are not lucky enough to be able to go to their
local newsagents and grab themselves a copy. To enter, leave
me a comment telling me what your must-read magazine is.
I will draw/announce the winner next Tuesday. Kisses.


  1. I love so many magazines, it's hard to pick just one! So, I guess I'll go with my latest crush "Bust".

  2. I think it is so incredible of you to do this every month <333

    Picking a favorite magazine is so difficult, but right now it's definitely Dazed & Confused *_*

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  4. The one one I read is VW Camper & Bus, informative but not very trendy! xxx

  5. You know I really haven't got a current favourite printed magazine as none of them seem to do anything for me at the moment. I'm really enjoing rookiemag.com though. I'm always open to suggestions and ideas for new reads x