Thursday, June 14, 2012

i love colour

First up, excuse my (lack of) photo-editing skills.

I love it when I chuck a few colours that really shouldn't
go together... but they do. I was going to wear pink shoes
because I have these shoes in pink as well, but I did the
right things choosing the blue ones for today. Outfit deets:

Vintage 1950s wool pinafore - etsy
Tights - Columbine from Myer
Heels - Jo Mercer via Buy Invite (which means CHEAP, people)
Heart brooch - etsy
Top - random shop in Chaddy


  1. i really really love this outfit, and your hair. you are so bloody cute.

    can i smooch you? haha. ok maybe not xox.

  2. These colours work so well together!

  3. I really love the two pinks in the heart and the top. Super cute together.

  4. Oh I could just hug you, you're so cute! Love your hair and that sweet pinafore dress! x

  5. and i love you in colour;) you always look so fresh and cute!!! and i want your electric blue shoes!!!!

  6. Haven't I been missing a lot! I LOVE your use of colour and I think the pink and blue looks great, too! The blues and reds of your velvet dress post are amazing too. x

  7. I love all the things you find on eBay! Everything I buy on eBay ends up in my Vinnies basket. I'm sick of it!! I'd love you to blog your eBay buying tips... Although if you did, Vinnies might not be so happy with you!

  8. Geez I'm a dodo, this one is from etsy... Still, you have wonderful online shopping skills :)

  9. oh, this pinafore is so lovely ... i got a brown one on ebay months ago. sadly i can't work it's colour ...

    pink and blue go so well together!