Thursday, August 23, 2012

frankie magazine giveaway for international followers

Dear international followers,

I have a hot-off-the-press issue of the very inspiring
Frankie Magazine to give away to one of you.
All you need to do is:

A) Be a follower.
B) Tell me what inspires you.

I'll draw the winner using random number generator
and publish Wednesday 29th August. Good luck.


  1. Hi Tallulah,
    I am already a follower and enjoy your blog very much. I've heard of Frankie magazine but never actually got hold of one.
    My Mum is my inspiration, she's kind, funny, energetic and a bit barmy. More recently i have been enjoying my new life as a blogger and am finding extremely interesting ladies from all over the world that are inspiring me too.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I'm your follower since last year or so :) At the moment I'm inspired by the fact that it's getting colder here in Finland. Chunky heels and colourful tights, come to mama!

  3. Never seen a "Frankie" magazine before - Neato! I am inspired by beautiful things in nature... sunsets, driftwood, flowers, wildlife, a seashell, clouds, it.

  4. Hello! At the moment Edie Pop is a big inspiratation!

  5. Today I'm mostly inspired by an insane 1960s tablecloth Sarah Misfit sent me, I'm itching to get creating with it! x

  6. Ooo that looks wonderful! I'm inspired by adventurous and original photo shoots. A beautiful photo can definitely make my day.

  7. I'm such a magazine glutton, but I've never laid my mitts on a copy of this one...I'd love to read it!
    I've been a follower for a while now, :-)
    Lately, I'm getting tons of inspiration from a batch of late 1940's and early 1950's VOGUEs that I picked up at an estate sale...they're wonderful!
    Also the museums near me in Los Angeles have had some inspiring shows lately...I need to go get another fix :-)

  8. Do include me,darling,I'm an avid follower!
    What inspires me? All my darling and fabularsehole blog friends,actually! That's what gets me up and frocked most days,frankly!!! XXX

  9. Please include me in the comp Miss Tallulah!

    Hmmm... my inspiration comes from a whole lot of places; I'm attracted to color, sparkles and floral - so anything with one or more of those features will usually attract and inspire me!


  10. What inspires me most at the moment is the approaching autumn! I can't wait to wear trench coats, gloves and berets! :)

  11. I'm currently inspired by Judy Jetson, Scathingly Brilliant, and etsy in general! I've been going through pages and pages of stuff just wanting EVERYTHING *_*

    <3 <3