Monday, August 27, 2012

granny chic home overhaul

Above (left to right): thrifted vintage bed throw, 
thrifted crochet blanket, vintage sheet set from ebay. 

I moved out of home at 20-years-old. The same applies for my partner.
When we moved in together, some 10 years later, we had aquired all
manner of bits and bobs. I've spent the past year slowly getting rid
of the old, ugly Ikea stuff and replacing it with fabulous, thrifted pieces. 
I'm now up to redecorating the bedroom and the bathroom. 

Above: four vintage pillow cases I bought from ebay.

What I need to source for the bedroom:

Thrifted prints for the walls
Vintage bed sheets to to make new curtains
Vintage/thrifted doona covers

Above: a vintage enamel cup on my etsy favourties

What I need to find for the bathroom:

Thrifted prints for the walls
Shabby chic sower curtain (poss vintage bed sheet to make it myself)
New towels and bath mats to complement colour scheme
Make new set of window curtains from bed sheet in top photo
Vintage enamel cup to store toothbrushes etc


  1. your place will look amazing it already has so much personality. what with your manky paintings of which I adore.

  2. Love all of the stuff you got! I'm seriously a grandma at heart (; I'm sure your place will look absolutely amazing once it's done.

    As for the comment you left on my post about you loving floral jeans.. you DON'T have chunky thighs dear! Seriously, you have such a nice figure don't be so harsh on yourself (;