Saturday, May 28, 2011

at the vintage show in Melbourne

The beautiful Tamara and myself.

One of my fav pieces.

This was to-die!

I desperately want a vintage compact.

Heaven on a mannequin.


  1. oh so nice!! that dress is sublime! how amazing! thanks for sharing Miss Tallulah!

  2. oooh you look so lovely!!! <33

  3. Both you and your friend are super adorable! Loads of good finds at that fair too, I used to collect vintage compacts (but they're getting harder to find/are expensive now).

    Did you buy anything?

  4. I didn't buy a thing. I get paid Tuesday. :( But if I did go to buy - I wouldn't even know where to start - how do you choose one or two things from thousands. BUT most of the exhibitors sell online anyhow and I collected all of the business cards. Some preices were surprisingly reasonable, but some were just ludicrous.