Saturday, May 7, 2011

women who inform my style (part 2)

Ulrika Bacher - Finland

How drop-dead gorgeous is this woman? There's nothing about her I don't adore:
her wardrobe, her curves, her career as a Burlesque dancer, her cats,
her pale mint Smeg fridge, her amazing hair and makeup skills... *sighs*
I stumbled across her blog The Freelancer's Fashion Blog when I was
Googling images of people wearing Trashy Diva dresses. Ulrika's image
knocked my socks off and I had to find out who this stunner was.

Thanks Ulrika for the use of your beautiful pictures. :)


  1. I love Ulrika! She's actually one of the first blogs I found, when I was naive and had no idea about the vintage revival. She's delightful! (Also, just wanted to commend you on how quick you are with new posts! It's always nice to see something pop up in my feed from you! :) )

  2. Ulrika has great style - and I especially love the large ice cream sundae tattoo she has one her forearm!