Wednesday, May 18, 2011

gorgeous, girly tattoos

What I adore about this tattoo are the little details: the thread,
the pins with loveheart heads... It's a little story about Donna
and her love for her nanna. So special.

The his and hers anchors is just genius.
Hers has a bow! Cuteness times ten.

 Sometimes Sweet is a blog I always check out. It's choc-full of of interesting and diverse posts, my favourite being "Tattoo Tuesdays". I mention this because this weeks post impressed my socks off. Danielle (of Sometimes Sweet) interviewed Donna of Deer Donna (which is my new fav blog) about her tattoos and I've gotta say, they are the best tatts I have ever seen on one person. *swoons*

Thanks Danielle for the borrowation of the photos. x

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  1. AWWW! you are so cute and sweet! i am certain we will become great blog friends now for sure! :D

    thank you for the post all about me... you are just so lovely. i am about to go look at your grandparents wedding photos. they look amazing!